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Electric vehicles - alternative technologies


www.eRitenis.lv - we offer:
- Electric bicycles, assembled in Latvia
- Rickshaws manufactured in Latvia, Riga (see it!)
- Rickshaws with unique design according to your technical drawings (see it!)
- Electric scooters, motorollers, golf cars, etc >>
- World wide delivery

- Test drives in Jurmala, Lielupe

Watch video-review about our electric bicycle ER61 in Jurmala! (in Russian)



Dear customers! You can see our Electric bicycles in shop Metaleksperts: Mukusalas stree 72e, Riga. Near Shopping center "Riga plaza"


By previous appointment:
M, T, W, T, F: 9:00 - 18:00
S,S: 10:00- 18:00


Working hours:
M, T, W, T, F: 9:00 - 18:00
S, S: Free

You must see photos of RETRO RICKSHAW we produced in Latvia! I`s electric!

(>> photo gallery <<)

Electric rickshaw made in Latvia RETRO STYLE

We expanded new distributor in Estonia!

If you are in Tallinn, great opportunity: call and test our Electric bicycles. Official website: www.eRatas.ee !


Electric bicycle ER61

This season eRitenis offers upgraded model of ebike ER61

- Maximal speed: 32 km/h
- Rage (on one charge): 65 km
- Loading (riders + cargo weight): 160 Kg
- System: 48 Volts
- Electric motor: 350W or 500W
- Iron frame
- Fast acceleration

More information please call now: +371 26473292 and email`us: eRitenis@gmail.com



ER61 ER61

Use our stock to store your electric vehicles during WINTER season

The WWW.ERITENIS.LV electric power vehicles are GREEN products:

G - Green, our electric bicycles are environmentally friendly, producing zero pollution.

R - Relaxing, Electric vehicles are easy and comfortable for any riders, you can drive with pedails, or only on electric energy.

E - Elegant, our products have fashionable design and strong frame constructions.

E - Energic, Most of all our models one charge of electric batteries can last over 60 kms

N - Novelty, in our product offers are folding electric bicycles, modern city bikes, electric scooters, mini-scooters, electric barrows, electric golf cars, golf carts, golf throlleys, children electric scooters, city electric cars, simple electric cars, electric pedicabs and electric rickshaws, electric trikes and tricycles etc. All our production offers are placed in Products section



Most people like to ride electric bikes because they:

• like to save money, meet new people, and protect the environment
• environmental protection. The chance to arrive at its work without having perspired.
• deserve more fun and freedom in their lives.
• with the ever increasing rise in FUEL prices can control their own budget
• enjoy the feeling of riding a bicycle - except for hills, starts, and headwinds
• prefer their local errands to be easy, slow paced and scenic
• still need convenient, point-to-point transportation after losing their driving privileges.
• advisability of taking part in environmental protection
• considered a gas-powered moped or small motorcycle, but dislike the noise, smell, starting problems and special laws



Информация о проекте "eRitenis"Наша продукцияМы поддерживаемБизнес идеи, предложения, вакансииСвязаться с намиeRitenis - Электро-транспорт Информация о проекте "eRitenis" Наша продукция Мы поддерживаем Бизнес идеи, предложения, вакансии Связаться с нами eRitenis - Электро-транспорт