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Thank you for visiting our "Online Shop" Here you can choose your personal electric vehicles for fun, transportation, comercial delivery etc.
Whether you want to keep fit without enduring the agony of peddling up steep hills, or just want to get around town without the effort of peddling at all.
Most popular products are placed in Products section.


eRitenis project is created to provide good quality electric bicycles, conversation kits, electric scooters and other electric vehicles to world class markets.

We are manufacturer and importer of electric vehicles.
We work with leading manufacturers which is specialized in electric bicycles, electric scooters, golf cars, electric dirt-bikes and others.

Our headquater is located in Riga, Latvia. Thanks to our good geographical location, we provide our products to regional and foreign markets in Europe, CIS and Baltic states.

"Best quality and reasonable price" is the best way to establish mutual & friendly cooperative relationships with customers from all over the world.

We are sincerely looking forward to your enquiries.

Электрические рикши - производство Латвия

eRitenis produces electric and mechanic rickshaws. Our main serial models are presented in our catalogue (link below text), and also we produce rickshaws according to your technical drawings. Please check our portfolio


From the year 2011. we expanded official distributor in Estonia, Tallinn. Please check this link: www.eRatas.ee

The WWW.ERITENIS.LV electric power vehicles are GREEN products:

G - Green, our electric bicycles are environmentally friendly, producing zero pollution.

R - Relaxing, Electric vehicles are easy and comfortable for any riders, you can drive with pedails, or only on electric energy.

E - Elegant, our products have fashionable design and strong frame constructions.

E - Energic, Most of all our models one charge of electric batteries can last over 60 kms

N - Novelty, in our product offers are folding electric bicycles, modern city bikes, electric scooters, mini-scooters, electric barrows, electric golf cars, golf carts, golf throlleys, children electric scooters, city electric cars, simple electric cars, electric pedicabs and electric rickshaws, electric trikes and tricycles etc. All our production offers are placed in Products section.